Pig Receiver 500-400NB

June 1, 2018

Pig Receiver 500-400NB @ 15200 Kpag c/w GD Bandlock to  AS2885.1 for Exxon Mobil. January 2016.   Supply Design Calculation and Third Party Design Review and fabricate 1 off replacement Pig Receiver 500-400NB @ 15200 kpag c/w Quick Opening closure GD Bandlock. All material supply was from approved Exxon Mobil Mills.  The Design of the…

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oil, gas & mining

711Dia KMR Project for Exxon Crude

February 1, 2015

711Dia KMR Project for Exxon Crude De-etahnizer Heater AES type Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Sour service, AS1210-Class 1 & TEMA R, FEB 2015.   We tender for the De-Ethaniser Heat Exchanger for the Exxon Kipper Mercury Removal project in early 2014 and received the contract in July 2014. We design, Fabricate, test, paint, and…

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oil, gas & mining

990ID Cyclone Scrubber Vessel

January 1, 2013

990ID Cyclone Scrubber Vessel AS1210-Class 2A for Newcrest mine – January 2013.   Britannia Jahco was contracted to redesigned and supply 1 off 990ID Cyclone Scrubber Vessel to AS1210-Class 2A for Newcrest mine in WA. Design/Design Registration suitable for use in WA DOIR, completed and delivered to site in January 2013.  

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